UFC 115

Contains spoilers.

(Pyle x Lennox) - Submission of the night?
Danzig x Wiman - It was Yves Lavigne fault, lol.
Funch x Patrick - Even someone without much ground experience would have to take that neck. And that was a nasty cut.. thanks UFC for the close-up :p
Dunham x Griffin - Grappling clinic from the guy with the significant reach advantage. I likey. Split decision seems a bit bad though.

Main Card:

Condit x MacDonald - Takedowns per se are overrated. What good does it do if you take a guy down and then he dominates you from the guard? The judging paradigm has to change. Anyway, I think the stoppage was justified to protect the safety of the young Rory MacDonald. That had to be hurting a lot.
Rothwell x Yvel - After what seemed to me like an early stoppage against Cain, Big Ben is back. Unfortunately for those rooting for him, like me, I think he needs to shed about 5% of bodyfat and do it while working on his cardio. Also, he had a ridiculous amount of opportunities to go for a sub. The americanas were the most obvious, but Yvel's arms were to a BJJ guy like candy to children. BJJ is also a nice way to work on cardio *hint hint*.
Paulo Thiago x Kampmann - Well, I did not expect this. Kampmann not only dominating on his feet but also on the ground? Against Thiago? Really? Ok then. Even cardio-wise, Thiago was absolutely drained at the end. Good job Kampmann.
Cro Cop x Pat Barry - Gotta love this game. Two class acts going at it. While I do think father time has Mirko on speed dial, imo Pat Barry was simply naive when he was outclassing CroCop and didn't go all the way thinking that wasn't going to the ground... and then Mirko won the the rounds and ultimately the match there. I bet he won't make the same mistake again as he just lost the opportunity of a lifetime.
Chuck Liddell x Rich Franklin - The glass ice chin is back. Shocker.

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