Design your own crazy-ass BJJ Gi challenge

Many times have I fantasized about how the perfect gi for me would be. The one gi that would make forget there were countless other gis for sale. I'd have it in the three legal colors (white, blue and black, preferably regular blue and navy blue) and five or six of them so I didn't have to do the laundry before the weekend even if I trained twice a day every monday to friday.
It would be lightweight, less than 1.8Kg for an A3, probably some kind of single weave (pearl weave seems to be the norm right now), it would have reinforced and taped triple stitching including in the sleeve cuffs and rope-style cord for the trousers. Also, tapered style keeping in mind tall slim guys like me. Well, it's for me so duh.
Also, and very important, it would have a clean look. I'd go with a discreet-eccentric design over the more obvious "look at me and recognize from afar" path every time. For example, I'd (and do, and will) use a pink mouthguard but wouldn't dye my hair pink. Confident discreet eccentricity - that probably sums it.

So, when my man Seymour aka Meerkatsu sent out a challenge to us BJJ Gi Addicts/bloggers, to design a crazy-ass BJJ Gi, I thought I'd have to push the eccentricity and be that bit more pretentious.
Another thing I thought was that I wouldn't design anything I wouldn't wear - even in competition if the chance presented itself.

So, here's what I came up with!

... and sorry in advance for my limited photochopper skillz.
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