Review: Blitz Lutador Pro-Star BJJ Kimono

Howdy boys.

Had been practicing BJJ for a couple of weeks when I got this, my first BJJ Gi.
I had no experience whatsoever with other BJJ Gis (only Karate Gis) and wanted something affordable (not much more expensive than a cheap Judo Gi) but with good enough quality to get started.

So, on to the review.

I'm 1.83m (6ft flat) and 90~91Kg, but I'm about to cut for summer down to 8% BF or less so I plan on dropping to 85 or less kg depending on how it goes.
I got both Gis in size "5/180" (their size chart says «5/180 - 180cm - 5"10'~6"00'») and despite supposedly being on the upper limit, before washing it was too big for me. Trousers sometimes got stuck on my ankles while rolling/standing and sleeves reached a bit of my palms even with my arms extended in front of me.
As I have no idea how much it'll shrink I'll start with a 30º wash plus hang dry. Will repeat (or even go up in temperature) if needed.
Quality is pretty damn good for the price. Couldn't spot any defects. Collar is THICK! Too thick probably... sometimes while stretching it gets uncomfortable but didn't mind it while rolling and I think it'll be much harder to collar-choke me.

Size 5/180

Weight: 1.97Kg

Measurements in centimeters, before and after one 30º wash (hang dry):

Arm length from collar/shoulder: 75 / 73.5
Arm length from armpit: 54 / 50.5
Jacket length: 85.5 / 84
Sleeve width: 23 / 20.5
Inside trouser leg: 87.5 / 81
Outside trouser leg: 105.7 / 103.5
Thigh width @ crotch: 32 / 32
Ankle width: 29 / 27.5

Assorted pics:

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

collar detail

jacket's skirt reinforcements

Photobucket Photobucket

inside leg reinforcements

After one wash the Gi fitted me much better and after another one it was even better. After the second 30ºC wash I only washed it on cold water and there was no further shrinkage.
For my personal fit I would like the sleeves and trousers to be a bit narrower, but for those looking for a fit somewhere between slim BJJ Gis and regular Judogi, this is close to perfect. Taking the price into account, there is nothing at this level to compete with. A gold-weave with this quality for ~50€ is a steal.

Website: Adult Lutador Brazilian Jujitsu Suit


Anonymous said...

Nice review, you persuaded me to buy it and I'm glad I did. One thing though; it's a double weave not a gold weave.

André said...


As you can see in the photos, mine is a gold weave. Perhaps they changed it since.

Anonymous said...

this gi has incorrect sizes im 185 cm tall,and when i bought size A5, (in their web appear that A5 is for 180-190) was so big,and now i buy size A3 and that its ok!

André said...

Indeed. I'd say to always buy one size below unless your stocky-built or on the fatter side.

Anonymous said...

I'm 180cm tall, 75kg. Would an A3 be too big? I like my GI's rather somewhat slim than baggy. The tatami gi's for instance fit me perfectly in size A2. Nice review btw :)

André said...

Blitz tends to be on the bigger side so even the A2 will probably be baggy on you.
With that said, going from Tatami to Blitz seems somwhat of a regression. Tatami, especially their Estilo range, is top quality. Black Eagle's Predator is also top notch so I'd rather look in that direction.

Anonymous said...

I do own 2 tatami's already. Need a third gi so I get enough time to wash em. Looking for something really cheap with some decent design. Saw the TUFF one too, which is nice, but somehow I like the lutador better. You got any tips on other low budget GI's? Thanks in advance :)

André said...

I would rate both the Tatami Nova and especially the Black Eagle Basico as better than the lutador for my liking overall. The only thing I'd concede the Lutador is that it is made from thicker weave which might be a dealbreaker either way. Both are cheaper than the Lutador also.

Tuff has dropped quality a lot lately. The pants they use are quite mediocre. Before that I wouldn't hesitate to add their Lightweight model to the list.

Anonymous said...

How long should I wash my GI because washing 30 degree wash takes 1 30. I am worried that if it is in water for this long the fibres could weaken and the Gi could rip (happened to me before). How long do you recommend I wash
for and on what temperature.

André said...

My own Blitz gi went through several standard programs of 30º and at least one of 60º and another of 90º and it still lives today and I use it regularly (sans douchie patches which I've removed manually) to train Judo.
You'll be fine!

MyDyingSoul said...

I'm 180cm or just under, weighing in at 75kg. I was thinking of getting the size 5 but now it seems that would be way to big. Do you think size 4 would be better for me?

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