The End Of The Beginning

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu here in Ovar is over.

Paulinho moved with his family closer to (O)Porto so he isn't able to continue teaching here, which is more than obviously understandable.

Still, our goodbye training had nice goodbye rolling and Paulinho managed to submit me in what seemed like every imaginable way. Three of the subs were new to me and I didn't even see them coming. Now I hopefully will.

Supplements that work?

Is supplement X the best thing since sliced bread? Will amino acid Y allow me to train everyday without a problem?
The answer to these and every other possible question of the sort is a sounding NO. If I had to evaluate all the several factors that come into play to keep us (or help us get) strong, lean with the right weight, properly recovered, ready and willing I'd say it all comes down to Diet, Exercise and Rest.
Supplements should be understood exactly as the meaning you can find in a dictionary: "something that completes or makes an addition" (Merriam-Webster in this case). Supplements should come in when you need extra amounts of something you can't get easily through diet or to make sure you get the nutrients you need when it's just not practical to eat a proper solid meal.
I won't get into supplements that I've fond do not work for me or simply aren't worthy because the list would be extensive. If it's not on the list chances are they're not worth it for me but feel free to ask in the comments.

Strength Training for BJJ

Why is Strength important in BJJ?

Yes, Technique as a whole is the most important thing, but how much easier can you perform a technique if you have a good mix of Strength, Speed, Endurance and Flexibility? A lot easier, a lot better, a lot faster and a lot more times. And that's a whole lot of lots.

UFC 115


Contains spoilers.

Royce Gracie Seminar - Algarve

2º Seminário no Algarve (Lagoa) com o Mestre Royce Gracie

Review: Blitz Lutador Pro-Star BJJ Kimono

Howdy boys.

Had been practicing BJJ for a couple of weeks when I got this, my first BJJ Gi.
I had no experience whatsoever with other BJJ Gis (only Karate Gis) and wanted something affordable (not much more expensive than a cheap Judo Gi) but with good enough quality to get started.

So, on to the review.
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