Review: Masaru Short Sleeve Rash Guard

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How awesome is Meerkatsu? Very awesome, that's how awesomely awesome he is.
Why you ask? Ok, you don't, but I'll still answer my own question to which I know the answer: because he went out of his way to send me this kick ass new Masaru Rash Guard he reviewed himself in his blog just a couple weeks ago. Actually, he reviewed a whole bunch of UK-branded rashies so you should definitely go over there and check it out.

Now, here are my own thoughts about this rash guard.

I previously only had experience with el cheapo surf rash guards which are what I'll use as comparison and simply put, it's a whole different game.

On the mat, under a gi, this rash guard made almost no difference in terms of perceived heat and I got none of the usual overwhelmed feeling I get when using a surf rashie.

It's well made, I could not spot any defects and the materials seem to be top notch. Speaking of which, it's made of...

I'm 6ft (1,83m) tall and weigh around 77Kg and a size M fits me perfectly. On the other hand, I also got a size 'M' Punchtown RashTek along with this Masaru and am not reviewing it because I could not wear it since is was too small and had to give it away. From my experience, Masaru is the average M size, Punchtown was more of an S. No pun intended.

Something that always intrigues me is how rashies and generally tight-fitting/compression wear are on the inside, so here's a photo in case you're also interested:

. Design

This rashie has a pretty good design and there are even better looking color combinations available on Masaru's website. The only thing I dislike is the logo, though I have to say it is growing on me. At first I thought it was quite badly done but now I just think it's different but edgy and yet has just the right amount of aggressiveness. Maybe in a month I'll even not dislike it! ;)

. In conclusion

This is a great rash guard with a fair price tag of £29,99 (long sleeve version is £34,99). Though I can't say from personal experience (actually wearing them) I can't see any reason why I would pay £45 or more for other brand's rash guards when I really like this one!

Head on over to Masaru's website and check them out. Also, look around their Facebook page and see what some of their new stuff looks like. I for one like their new rank rashies (although I'd take the "Team Masaru" out of the design).

Thanks again to my man Meerkatsu for sending me this great rash guard and for writing one of the best blogs around.

. More

. Note

I am not endorsed by Masaru nor was I paid to review these products. These are my personal views and opinions and they apply only to the product I tested.


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The logo does look odd on the rashie but it looks cool from afar.

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